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3D Micro-Blading Services

3D Microblading is a process that incorporates a 3D tattoo into the present, natural eyebrow instead of a solid tattoo which has typically been performed in the past.  This new 3D method uses "hair straws" to fill in and shape into the natural eyebrow for a more organic and natural-looking eyebrow. 

The uniqueness of this procedure is based on the asymmetry of the individual's face. The real shape of an eyebrow  is an indivdual look and preference. The 3D process creates the proper and natural shape based on face shape, eye shape, and skin coloring. It seeks to adjust to the face as it ages.

Once done, this finished product will help you look younger. It also eliminates the need for eyebrow pencils and liners, or other temporary processes or tools.

For those not happy with the current state of affairs with their eyebrows, or who have lost their eyebrows through years of plucking and waxing, or just want to have better shape and definition to their eyebrows, this process creates a permanent, natural, and beautiful look!


1) Does the 3D procedure or permanent makeup hurt?

Answer: It is painless and done in the comfort of a private, quiet treatment room. 

2) How long does the 3D process take?

Answer: The process takes generally 2 hours.

3) What is the typically processs for the 3D procedure?

Answer: The process starts with a complimentary consultation where the esthetician can assess the client's face, coloring, and determine the client's needs. 

The next step is the actual 3D process. A second and final visit 4-6 weeks later is necessary as this is the period when the eyebrows are processing the treatmntent done and are taking shape. 

The second visit is to assess the stage at which the eyebrows are at and do any touchups or create a better definition for a more polished look.

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